Great Big Jar has left the building!

Great big Jar is moving! No I’m not shifting a ton of great big jars from one place to another. I have a lovely new site and wanted to slowly say goodbye to this one and start using the new one as soon as possible. Basically, if you are subscribed by e-mail and you wish … Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

As a writer, I could talk all day about the books I am currently mulling over at the moment. Whether its books that are staring at me from the vast miniature skyline of words that linger in piles beside my bed, threatening to spill over and create an ocean of stories. Or, the other kind … Continue reading

The Tiger I Met For Tea

There are many things in life that are certain and then there are others that make you stop dead in your tracks, taking the wind out of your sails and making your heart explode in wonder. Today I met one of those things head on…and survived. From that first sentence you would think that the … Continue reading

I carry the internet in my pocket!

As a writer, my day can be spent sitting at the dining table in my home as I create my next draft. The cats bring in dead mice every so often because they like me and the minutes go past quickly before school ends and I need to shut up shop for the day. Some … Continue reading

Redundant at bedtime!

In our house, our kids still go to bed around the same time they did three years ago. They also still brush their teeth while having the same nonsense at the sink, the shrieks coming from the bathroom fill the landing and pierce my eardrums as proof of their timeless ability to still make a … Continue reading

‘A wee walk’ they said.

For all who know me, I have a slight tendency to do too many things at the same time, resulting in a jaded and bewildered Great Big Jar who is in need of a wee lie down. I’m not bemoaning my life in the slightest, I am a big girl and can say NO whenever … Continue reading

The Society of Authors and me (the +1)

I was recently invited to the Society of Author’s AGM as a ‘plus one’ to my fantastic writer friend Christina Banach. She has recently acquired an agent for her YA novels, so I was only too happy to go along and help tell the world (well, a selection of people in Edinburgh) about her success … Continue reading