Posted in March 2012

A productive day at the office

I am feeling a sense of enormous well-being today after finally updating information on all my work to date. Not being the slightest bit technically minded, I think I have done not too shabby a job either, although it did take me a while! I am trying (very – as some folk might say, yeh … Continue reading

Learning To Fall

My wee rugrat had a bump on the head. Well, I don’t mean a ‘there, there, you will be fine – now get outside and play’ kind of bump, I mean a ‘Holy Coo must not cry but get ambulance as quick as I can’ kind of bump. Needless to say we are all fine … Continue reading

Talking to wee people…

What a great way to spend a Thursday morning. I was invited into the unknown and secret world (wee C’s words not mine) of a primary 1 class. My mission, that I daringly chose to accept, was to read to his class as part of book week. So, I arrived, 3 coffees for the better … Continue reading