The Grey-haired Lady

Yes, that’s right folks – it’s me!! Hands up, I am the lady of grey-haired qualities, well according to wee C anyway.

There I was, minding my own business, helping my little cherubs become the studious and fast learners that they ought to be (yeh right as long as they can read and write then I am a happy camper) and giving it some large to the Curriculum of Excellence, as you do, from the comforts of our humble abode.

When our conversation takes a wee turn for the worst:

Wee C: Mum?

Me: Yes?

Wee C:  I’m not very good at this am I?

Me: I think you’re doing really well, now let’s get the last couple of pages done before bath

Wee C: hmmmm

Slight pause…….

Wee C: Mum?

Me: Yes (deeply sighing inward)

Wee C: am I giving you grey hairs?

Me: (trying hard not laugh) no, I don’t think so

Wee C: well, what’s that on your head then?

And the crowd goes wild…….sob


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