Posted in January 2013

Party In My Gut! Jog on…

Well. Outraged doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sadly I am now on a strict ‘no caffeine’ diet to sort out my troublesome heartburn, caused by bugs from the boys that I have suppressed (really – it wasn’t intentional!). These bugs have decided to settle down and have a wee P.A.R.T.Y in my oesophagus. Rock … Continue reading

Sing Like No-one Is Listening

I have nearly reached the half way mark, I have defeated Book 6 of my challenge and with only 9 more to read in 9 days I think I need..erm…help! ‘Sing You Home’ by Jodi Picoult is the first book from this famous author that I have read. As this was the case, I had … Continue reading

The Forest

Sometimes you get comfy, sitting at your laptop, fire on, cats huddled together trying not to freak out at the wind. Calmly watching all the stuff that you thought was ‘secure’ flying about your garden and then you get distracted. You wonder to yourself, if that set of goals blows over the wall – where … Continue reading

Book 3 completed…now what’s next?

I am enjoying this book challenge even more, especially when I finish one book and pick up the next from my list. This could possibly be due to my slight OCD tendencies when it comes to completing tasks on a list – could be anything from a shopping list, to-do list for the day and … Continue reading