Posted in February 2013

Starfish In My Bed

It is that time again, when Mr B is away and I get the bed all to myself. The bed isn’t really that big but it is huge to me because I am only 5ft 4 and he is 6ft 3. The advert with the hippo and the duck is quite apt for bed time … Continue reading

Songs I Listen To While I Write

Once you are awakened from a peaceful sleep, the groundhog day starts as it normally does and you turn off the incessant alarm as if it’s a petulant child pulling at your sleeve. The digital neon green numbers blink slowly into full beam and thoughts of what the day will bring encourage your senses to … Continue reading

The Folder Of Doom

It sits and stares. The spotted pattern, which I thought was ‘nice’ when I bought it, laughs at me from across the table. Its glossy purple circular motif burning a hole in my iris as I strive to carry on, desperately trying to ignore its contents. The sheaf’s of paper contained in this mediocre receptacle … Continue reading

Step Away From The Delete Key

I am writing a novel. I have given myself til Christmas to finish it and I am procrastinating…again. I love the way the characters merge, the imagery flows and the recognition of streets will make any fellow Edinburger and non-Edinburger for that matter, smile and want to read on. Well, that is what I hope … Continue reading

Taken By Surprise

I’m having a lunch hour today. It seems that dead bodies, decomposition and all other gory details surrounding the death of innocent victims hasn’t stopped me eating. Good. I love food. On Thursday 7th February. I threw myself out the proverbial window for the wolves to feast on. Well, that’s a bit dramatic but you … Continue reading