Posted in May 2013

Academically Inadequate

There are times when I write and the majority of it goes straight in the shredder. You know how it is, one of those days when the its and it’s aren’t right. The POV changes more times than the second-hand on the clock and I wonder why I am here. Pen in paw, covering the … Continue reading

Dive in..the waters warm

So, here I am, procrastinating again and BOOM. Another wee gem appears in my mind and flows onto my page like a river of honey onto warm toast (what is it with me and food?). Anyway, I was just pottering about on my blog and tidying up my in-box (horrific amount of read mail just … Continue reading

My Writing Day – In Food

Having a recent nostalgia trip through my blogs, I am pleasantly surprised to see many of my posts are centred around food. For those who know me well, food to me, is one of life’s amazing creations (obviously after my wee rugrats and writing of course!). Eating. Especially when someone else makes it for you … Continue reading

Choose to write, choose to follow

Choose life. Choose to lie in bed and dream of dragons. Choose to have cheese on toast for supper even though it gives you bad dreams. Choose to dance like no-one is watching. Choose to have too many glasses of wine and scrape your favourite shoes (what me??). Choose to hug your children tightly as … Continue reading

Yoga pumps! Be afraid, be very afraid…

I don’t know about you but whenever I do any kind of stretching or slow hip-adjusting manoeuvres, whether gym/class related or not, the inner being of my seriously lacking post-kids pelvic floor is not to be relied on in any way, shape or form. I consider myself quite fit (and not in the ‘If she … Continue reading