Posted in June 2013

And so it begins…

The school holidays are here at last. The badly held together shoes, still shoved on every morning as there was only three weeks left to go, can now be recycled along with the ripped school bags and jumpers. The June melt-down madness will hopefully cease as the packed-lunch boxes are stored away for another Summer … Continue reading

Sleep and the world slows down

I’m having a slightly Matrix-illusion day today. I haven’t seen any spoons flying through the air or anything, no dark cloaked avengers fighting for my future in their dreams – I’m just very sleepy. Not only am I doing my very best impression of a nodding dog, I am also falling asleep so quickly I … Continue reading

Earworms – not so Shiny Happy People

I woke up this morning with the song ‘Shiny Happy People’ by the amazing band R.E.M.resounding through my brain and turning me into a gibbering wreck. The main beat of the song pulsed its way along my veins and into every orifice it could reach. So much so that I had to fight fire with … Continue reading for your lives

The end of another week and I contemplate once again my chocolate filled muffin-top. There has been an intense lack of fat busting exercise being done this side of the front door ever since the half marathon extravaganza I completed in April. Yes, April. Extravaganza is possibly not the correct word to describe that long, … Continue reading

Books and Deckchairs

If I remember rightly, I spent most of August 2012 running from the school drop-off (I love my kids honest!) to the West End of Edinburgh as fast as my vertically challenged legs would take me. Once I reached my destination, I was home. Not home as in the comfy place I spend time with … Continue reading

Stealth-like Ninja Dads

It’s Father’s Day today. The day when lie-ins are gladly taken and children paste and colour paper to within an inch of their wee lives, striving to out do each other and create the perfect card for their humble Dad. Well, that’s the story in my house anyway. The morning started off much better than … Continue reading

My Youngest Reviewer

I have started a novel forĀ  9+ years. So I thought I would test the water out today and I passed it to a 10-year-old. My beloved first two chapters were handed over to him like a prized antique and he smiled at me over the rims of his glasses as he read the title. … Continue reading