Posted in July 2013

All Rise for King Andy

My Ode to Andy Murray (in a non-stalkery, loyal fan kind of way)   Dunblane’s super hero – the main in white shorts, you play tennis in London on green grassy courts You hail from the North, work hard in the South, some folk say you’re dour and long in the mouth ‘That can’t be right!’ … Continue reading

The lonely Life of An Ecstatic Writer

It’s lunchtime in my world so I took a break and have been pondering a conversation I had yesterday with a friend. I have now joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. One of the members task is to complete a small bio of myself, mainly my hopes and dreams with regards to … Continue reading

Famous Writers From My Neck Of The Woods

As a fledgling writer, I aspire to be published (anthologies don’t count!) in my own right and it will happen – one day. Having just selected the authors I wish to go and see at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August this year, many are Scottish but I’m not sure many are from my … Continue reading

Write What You’ve Just Heard

A few people have contacted me today to ask how I plan my day and also, how I get enthusiastic about writing and keep it going for long periods of time. Here are my thoughts on it all… As a writer, there isn’t a set-in-stone answer to that question. In my life every day is … Continue reading