Posted in November 2013

Great Big Jar has left the building!

Great big Jar is moving! No I’m not shifting a ton of great big jars from one place to another. I have a lovely new site and wanted to slowly say goodbye to this one and start using the new one as soon as possible. Basically, if you are subscribed by e-mail and you wish … Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

As a writer, I could talk all day about the books I am currently mulling over at the moment. Whether its books that are staring at me from the vast miniature skyline of words that linger in piles beside my bed, threatening to spill over and create an ocean of stories. Or, the other kind … Continue reading

The Tiger I Met For Tea

There are many things in life that are certain and then there are others that make you stop dead in your tracks, taking the wind out of your sails and making your heart explode in wonder. Today I met one of those things head on…and survived. From that first sentence you would think that the … Continue reading