Great Big Jar has left the building!

Great big Jar is moving!

No I’m not shifting a ton of great big jars from one place to another. I have a lovely new site and wanted to slowly say goodbye to this one and start using the new one as soon as possible.

Basically, if you are subscribed by e-mail and you wish to continue to receive new updates from my blog then you need to click on the link to my new site (below) and on the right hand side, type in your e-mail address and click follow.  You will then be sent an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. Comments you have made in the past do still exist on the new site so please don’t feel.

I can’t do this automatically so I’m hoping you will jump on my bandwagon and continue with me on my journey to publication!

Please note that all WordPress followers will migrate automatically.

I look forward to seeing you all on the other side…or should that be site? Let me know what you think!

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