All About Me

Here are some things about me that you may like to know or not as the case may be:-

5ft 4ins of madness – Mum to two boys who provide me with continual joy, hilarity and love, plus the main route to ideas for all my stories. Married for 11 years (well done Neil, medal on the way) and living the dream.

After 18 years working near enough 12 hour days in the financial sector in Edinburgh (pre RBS meltdown), I decided to try and do what I have really always wanted to do……write!

Now here I am, ‘working’ from home. I now have so many novels, stories, ideas entering my every waking thought, that I created this as an outlet for it. I’m hoping that this will do the job nicely.

When I’m not writing or walking to and from school for the daily slog, I help out the fund raising team as a volunteer with St Columba’s Hospice in Edinburgh. I have been doing it for over 6 years now and I have helped them raise much needed funds for their re-build campaign. I regularly ‘annoy’ all my family and friends with various events held throughout the year.

To raise money for the hospice this year, Neil and I will be walking 18 miles over The Pentland Hills near Edinburgh – that’s a long way for those of us who have short legs you know! Steer clear of that area in September 2013 – you have been warned! Never trust a woman bearing walking poles swiftly following a giant who takes one step to her every 5.

Things my kids say: Why are ‘mingo’s pink? They are called Flamingo’s honey. OK, (small pause) why are mingo’s pink though? Dory from Finding Nemo springs to mind here…

Things I love – my greetin faced wee bairns (my two fab wee boys) and my very own giant weegie (which means a tall man from Glasgow for all those who have no idea what I’m talking about).

Things I like a lot: twirl bites but ye cannae beat a packet of refreshers, The Shawshank Redemption, The King’s Speech, hugs, Starbucks latte, football, a cold beer at the end of the week, Angry Birds…the list is endless really.

Songs I listen to over and over again:

The Light by The Proclaimers

Candy by Paulo Natini

Close to Me by The Cure

Everybody Changes by Keane

In The Shadows by The Rasmus

LA Woman by The Doors

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

Dream Catch Me by Newton Faulkner

Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

Cry for You by September

Somebody I used to Know – Walk Off The Earth

10 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. I’m happy that you are doing what you love — writing. Also, thanks for translations, particularly “my greetin faced wee bairns (my two fab wee boys).” I would have had no idea!

    • I always try to do that as I know not everyone understands Scottish slang and I don’t want to deter people from reading my ramblings. I think translations are necessary for all walks of life and I read with interest all the goings on around the world from the blogs I follow. Google comes in handy for some of them lol. We are who we are.

  2. So glad I discovered you today! Like you, I have two boys, as well as my little daughter. I am a Hospice Social Worker, and I finally decided this past year to start writing. I love your voice and look forward to reading more! -Ilene

    • We must be kindred spirits as I too help at my local Hospice. We are walking 18 miles in September for them and hosting a cinema evening soon to raise funds. Looking forward to it!

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