What’s In My Head

Detailed below are some of my work-in-progress, they are my go-to when I need a break from the novels/stories I am writing. Sometimes it’s good to try something new, to take a break from your latest chapter and seek out something fresh to work on.

For the even older wee people out there (8+):

The Nine Lives of Jodie Brown – Jodie is a white witch who must take her families trade in her stride if she is to survive. A story of chance, secrets and battle that need to be won in order for her to discover her true self.

For the older wee people out there (5-7):

The Warlock’s Tail – a story of adventure that takes young Louis far from home. His destiny awaits him as he enters into another realm, ready to fight for his life and the friends he makes along the way.

For the wee people out there:

Rosie & The Red Dress – it’s every girl’s nightmare that you ‘never have anything to wear’, this poem is about Rosie and the need for a new dress to wear to a very exciting party.

Lucy & The Hogmanauts – this is a children’s book I have written about a girl who lives on a farm. One night she is visited by alien pig-astronauts called Hogmanauts. They are lost, so she helps them on their way and unearths a family secret at the same time!

Jamie & The Lost Sock – this is a children’s book about a young boy who stumbles on a world of dinosaurs at the park one day.

Can I Sleep In Your Bed? – this poem is for all the mums and dads out there who never really get their bed to themselves, with the pitter patter of tiny feet cuddling up beside them every night.

The Buddy Bus – I was inspired by my nephew when he first learned to talk and he called Buses – Buds.

A Fluffle And A Huggle – nothing like my two wee boys getting mixed up with words – this is a poem on what they came up with instead of hugs, cuddles, fluffy and shuffle.

I wish I were a… – I envisage these rhyming verses to be a picture book. I have written 4-line poems on everything from pirates, wind chimes, ballerinas and astronauts to name but a few.

The Monkey Who Couldn’t Swim – I have no idea whether monkeys like/can swim but this came to me one day and I liked how it played out. Marvin the monkey wants to learn to swim but he is scared of water. Through perseverance and determination he gets there in the end (I hope!).

The Monkey Who Couldn’t Climb – maybe I am going for a trilogy on monkeys but there you are! This poem is about a monkey who can’t climb down, only up. He gets himself into a spot of bother but with the help from his fellow jungle animals he eventually finds his way.

Being fiercely patriotic and silently loyal to the Scottish language, I have written some rhyming stories in Scots. I have approached a well-known publishing house in Edinburgh and they are considering them for future publications.

Ah’m No Very Bonnie – this is my take on the classic ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in Scots and I love it. This is one of the few rhyming stories I have written that I didn’t change very much when I read it back. It’s my favourite so far and I keep going back to it just to make me smile.

Nathan’s Talking Mince Again – this is a rhyming story in Scots about a boy and the relationship he has with his younger sister. It centres around the fantastic clyping past-time that kids (particularly Scottish kids) take part in from a young age just to torment their siblings and their parents.

For the big people out there:

Siren – I entered this short story of a police inspector and the grizzly find made at a cemetery in Glasgow. I submitted this through the Writers & Artists website – Short sentence competition. It needed to be under 1,000 words and I made it to 994 – after much hacking of the original I might add! It was not to be so I revamped it for another competition through The Fiction Desk. This is my first dabbling into the crime world and I really enjoyed writing it.

Two Wee Boys Meet Storr’s Old Man – after our recent motor home holiday to Skye, Harris and Lewis on the West coast of Scotland – we managed to get the boys (and me and the giant) to climb The Old Man of Storr. Astounding just doesn’t do it justice. We somehow had fantastic weather all the way up and what a view! The Scottish Book Trust hosted a ‘My Favourite Place’ competition so I created a wee poem about our experience when we finally met The Old Man. Our story wasn’t included but it remains a very dear place to me and urge anyone up there to go and visit.

Blether – following the death of my Mum just before wee C was born, there is still a lot of emotional issues that remain hidden away in me. I am hoping this book will help me move on and leave some of the anger and hurt behind. Blether is a novel surrounding six adults attending bereavement counselling sessions. My aim is to make it more humorous than morbid but in this instance I think the two genres go well together. The sessions are run by Steve (prefers to be called Moonbeam) who likes the more earthy, spiritual and peaceful things in life, he helps the six characters in the grief group work through all their issues and come out better for it. I am hoping to bring Lily, Rob, Anna, Pete, Rose and Willie to life and ensure they all carry on living life to the full and cancer-free.

Never In A Month Of Cupcakes – having a seriously sweet tooth, this novel is based on my daily struggle to stop eating cupcakes. In diary form it follows the life of Chloe who, like me, just can’t say no.

One Glass Too Many – I originally wrote this for a competition but as I had only found about it two days before the deadline, I just couldn’t manage to keep it under 3,000 words. As ever, I’m convinced my prose is not up to the amazing literary standards out there but I will persevere and see where it takes me.

As ever I will continue writing in my Little Cream Book with all my ideas and update my blog as I go along. Thanks to all my family and friends, without your continued support I would have given up pursuing my publishing dream years ago!

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